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Classic Tans



We offer low, medium and high pressure tanning beds. From the non-burning Matrix bed that is 99.7% UVB-free to vertical stand-up booths, as well as entry-level KBL beds. 

Spray Tans


We provide custom organic spray tans for all skin tones using top of the line solutions.

Achieve a quicker spray tan with our and 4 levels of clear and bronze solution.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Your satisfaction is our number one priority; so if there is anything that is not up to your standards please let us know. It’s only human to err, but if we do, we want to make it up to you. It’s only fair.

We have high expectations in our tanning salons, we only used the best tanning beds, we only sell the best products, and our employees are the best people in town. And this is why we have the best clients. So thank you to each and every one of you 


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5610 Menaul Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110, United States



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